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When I think of humour and satire on Medium, Courtney Burry is always the first name that pops into my mind. I’ve never read a piece of hers that didn’t make me laugh out loud. Not the “lol” that you type at something mildly amusing while you remain straight-faced looking out the screen, but snorting out of your nose real-life laughter.

I love some of her very clever and creative takes on travel stereotypes. Hilarious and accurate. I particularly love comparing different types of travelers to different bands! For example:

Talking Heads

This band of travelers are all on a…

Travel. Nepal. Culture.

How it feels to treat people like tourist attractions

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Up until this point, I’d only ever gone on holiday in Europe. Culturally different to the UK, yes, of course, but never in ways that made me seriously question my set of morals and ethics regarding traveling.

Nepal changed all that. It made me question myself and what it means to be a good or a bad tourist. It was also the first time I ever truly experienced culture shock.

These were the first two times I ever experienced traveller’s guilt. Moments that made me question myself and my behaviour.

Gawking at a funeral pyre


Enviable travel experiences touched with humility, humour and highly valuable advice

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As a travel writer myself, I’m a little obsessed with the topic. I’m a voracious reader of travel stories, and I love our community on Medium. There’s a hell of a lot of good travel writers out there, but now and then, you come across a great one.

Jack Road is one of the greats.

Every piece I’ve read had resonated with me; they are incredibly relatable. Time and time again, I read myself in the story.

This story, for example, about returning home to reverse culture shock and all the strange difficulties of returning home really hit home (pun…


Easing into backpacker life in Indonesia

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Bali was the trip equivalent to the calm before the storm.

The place to chill out and compose myself for the sweltering bus pilgrimages, intestine demons, bang my head against the wall scams, and insistent hucksters yet to come.

Java and Sumatra were not going to be kind to us. Beautiful but challenging.

It’s not perfect. It’s touristy as a tourist place can be. In Kuta, the hostel map features McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut, but my God, was it EASY.

So simple.

Writer recommendation. Travel. Poetry. Life.

Passionate writer, adventurous traveler, poet and professional editor

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I first came across Glad when we worked together editing the incredible publication World Traveler’s Blog. She has been nothing but supportive, wonderful to work with and a true treasure in the travel writer community.

Not only a Medium editor but Glad is also a professor editor out there in the real world. She posts some fantastic articles on writing advice that you should check out!

Glad is an enthusiastic traveler who had just thrown herself into a new life living in South Korea. This is one of my favourite travel stories from her.

She presents such a beautiful way…

Travel. Humour. Short form.

Or so I’ve been told…

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I envisioned myself transforming into a graceful, slim, tanned boho goddess once I went traveling.

Floating about in hippy pants with golden skin shimmering with health from all the fresh fruit and lovely, local food. My long, slender limbs would be toned from all that swimming, hiking, and doing yoga.

Hell, maybe, I’d even have abs?!

I’d break free from the chrysalis of a fleecy dressing gown covered in chocolate biscuit crumbs into that beautiful beach butterfly I was always meant to be!

Travel. Busan. South Korea.

Living abroad, how this city became my first love

A view over the city of Busan- hiking behind my home (Photo credit to author)

Before we met

Dear Busan,

There once was a time I had never even heard of your name. It’s inconceivable to me now.

While completing my TEFL course in Prague, we hadn’t decided on a country yet, let alone a city. Should we choose Japan, China, or Taiwan? I hadn’t even considered South Korea.

But our friend from our course showed us the light. He recommended a country with jobs where your school not only gave you a generous wage but provided you with accommodation on top AND paid for your flight there. It seemed too good to be true. …

Writing. Travel.

Why didn’t this story take off?

Couples having their photo taken in this heart and I step in “I love me” (Photo credit to the author)

This was my first article that wasn’t just a write-up of my travel journals but instead trying to put my many experiences into a cohesive travel article. I enjoyed writing it and was proud of it at the time, and it was the first story I’ve written that started to gain any traction. However, I’ve grown a lot as a writer since then and would love to give this an update.

My main problem was that it never got chosen for distribution. I was wondering if you guys could help me to figure out why.

It could be the lack…

How ‘My Naughty Little Sister’ inspired me and a nation to read

The front cover of my copy of the 50th Anniversary Edition and full collection of stories (Image: Author)


When I was around fourteen years old, I walked into my local bookshop, perusing the shelves, most likely looking for the next Harry Potter instalment, when I saw it. I audibly gasped. A beautiful hardback, duck egg blue cover with the looping calligraphy of ‘50th Anniversary Celebration’ written in gold. There was the unmistakable, pencil-sketched illustration of a sour-faced tiny girl with red blotchy cheeks, a deep frown, and a pet lip — ‘My Naughty Little Sister.’

I loved those stories growing up. There are so many of these delightful little stories of the antics of the author’s naughty little…

Travel. Indonesia. Java.

Why you should never trust tourist information in Indonesia

Mount Bromo, active volcano in Java, Indonesia (photo credit to the author)

The First Trial

“No, we don’t need a tour to do Mount Bromo! We don’t want to spend more time on a jeep than at the actual volcano, all crowded with loads of other tourists rushing around. No, let’s do it properly. I read a blog about how to get there on your own. It looks simple enough.” — Me




Planned Trip Itinerary:

1. Flight from Bali to Surabaya.

2. Shuttle bus from the airport into town.

3. 2-hour bus to Probolinggo bus station.

4. 2 hour bus to Cemoro Lawang.

Sounds simple right?

Real Trip Itinerary:

1. Flight from Bali to Surabaya.

2. Shuttle bus from the airport…

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